Nanolumi Introduces Industry’s First Perovskite Quantum Dot (PeQD) Colour Enhancement Film for QD Displays with High Brightness and Over 90% Rec. 2020 Colour Spectrum Cover

Nanolumi, a Singapore-based advanced materials company producing stable, scalable, high colour performance quantum dots (QD), announced the launch of Chameleon® G Film, the industry’s first cadmium-free, perovskite quantum dot (PeQD) colour enhancement film for QD displays with exceptional brightness and unprecedented colour performance of over 90% Rec. 2020, 99.X% Adobe RGB, 99.X% DCI-P3.

PeQD is a class of halide semiconductor nanocrystals with the unique emissive properties to efficiently and accurately reproduce all colours in the visible spectrum, or as seen by the human eye in the natural world. The narrower spectral emissions and higher quantum efficiencies of PeQD offers the widest range of colours in QD displays (LCD), QD-OLED displays and electroluminescent PeQD-LED displays. PeQD also offers higher brightness than other cadmium-free quantum dots enabling displays with optimal brightness, purer colours and lifelike details for a more captivating and immersive viewing experience yet consuming less electrical power.

Nanolumi Chameleon® G Film enables quantum dot (QD) displays with vivid colours, lifelike details and optimal brightness while consuming less electrical power.

“While the superior advantages of PeQD have been highly coveted by top display manufacturers, overcoming major challenges related to stability and scalability prevented it from being the material of choice for QD displays,” said Jax Lee, CEO of Nanolumi. “Our team’s deep knowledge on perovskite semiconductors have led to breakthroughs that have successfully removed the barriers for bringing PeQD from lab to market. We have developed new approaches to prepare defect-free nanocrystals with precisely-engineered protective shells and created unique resin formulations for QD stabilisation. We have also demonstrated large-scale production capabilities through a proprietary continuous flow reactor system and achieved large format roll-to-roll film manufacturing success.”

The innovative and proprietary method the company has developed to strengthen PeQD performance also unlocks exciting possibilities for QD-OLED displays.

Key Advantages

Display manufacturers benefit from the following characteristics of Chameleon G Film that will elevate the overall performance of their display portfolio:

Best Colour Performance

Achieve the highest colour standards for QD displays with over 90% Rec. 2020 coverage and narrower spectral emissions which offer higher contrast, vivid colours and brighter images.

Power Efficiency

Chameleon G Film is the most efficient green light-emitter for displays enabling up to 20% more brightness in displays than conventional QD films, hence offering the best-in-class peak brightness and high dynamic range (HDR) performance.


Chameleon G Film is fully-compliant with all Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive for use in consumer applications internationally.

High Volume Scalability

Chameleon G Film colour performance is determined by managing chemical composition and is not sensitive or dependent on individual particle sizes, unlike conventional QD. Thus, the core technology is designed for fast colour-tuning with scalability in mind.

Seamless Implementation

Chameleon G Film is a drop-in solution that replaces the diffuser film in LCD backlight units (BLU); No change is required to the existing manufacturing process, allowing for non-disruptive adoption with no additional capital investments.

Nanolumi has end-to-end capabilities in-house for colour-tuning from concentrates and resins to film production, accelerating the time-to-market and increasing product quality confidence for their display manufacturing partners.

Chameleon G Film is currently being evaluated by top-tier display manufacturers. Consumer products enabled by Chameleon G Film are expected to hit shelves in 2H 2020. For more information on Chameleon G Film and for sampling requests, visit or e-mail [email protected].


Nanolumi is a lab-to-market technology and business accelerator for advanced material solutions. Founded in 2018 in Singapore, the core team comprises of cross-disciplinary individuals who are experienced industry professionals with deep technical expertise, global business experience and a proven track record for commercialising new technologies. Chameleon® G Film is Nanolumi’s flagship product for quantum dot (QD) displays, monitors and TVs; The industry’s first cadmium-free, perovskite quantum dot (PeQD) colour enhancement film offering over 90% Rec. 2020 colour gamut coverage with high brightness, purer colours and lifelike details. For more information, visit