NAB-NY Roundup

SiliconCore’s 1.2mm pitch Lavender display, with a sample of its 0.95mm pitch display on left. (Credit: M. Brennesholtz)

SiliconCore was featuring its 1.2mm pitch Lavender HDR LED video wall in a 110” diagonal, 1920 x 1080 installation running at 60fps and 1200 cd/m². They were also showing a sample panel of its 0.95mm pitch Lavender display. They did not introduce any new products at NAB-NY. The 1.2mm Lavender display had been first shown in the US at InfoComm 2917, was featured at InfoComm 2018 and targets the rental and staging market. The SiliconCore displays were being driven by Analog Way media players. The jerky motion in the images was probably due to the content (Presumably, 24Hz) since neither the 60Hz Lavender display nor the media player should have introduced motion artifacts into the image. Everything looked very good as long as there was no motion in the image, which included most images being shown. (For more on the relationship between screen resolution, frame rates and motion artifacts, see Can We Tell Stories with 8K?)

Google had a relatively large booth at NAB-NY, with a stage that was running education sessions through both days of the show. The focus of the Google program was on how Google Cloud could help broadcasters and others involved in creating, archiving or delivering media content. A secondary focus of the Google program was on how Google could manage the delivery of advertisement’s to go along with Google Cloud delivery of the media. I sat through one presentation titled “Broadcast Video Delivery in the Cloud.” This talk discussed how content creators and owners could upload high-quality content to the Google Cloud for storage. Google could then deliver it in real time and its full resolution to some destinations (e.g. TV Stations) or stream the same content with reduced resolution and bit rates in consumer codecs to end-user viewers.

NAB NY Panasonic PTZ resizePanasonic AW-UE150K 4K PTZ camera on left being controlled by the Panasonic AW-RP150 controller with a built-in joystick and touch screen control. The content is being shown on a Sony Trimaster EL 4K monitor. (Credit: M. Brennesholtz)

Panasonic was showing its new AW-UE150W (white case) and AW-UE150K (black case) 4K cameras with a single 1.0” MOS sensor and an integrated 20x zoom lens. With digital zoom, Panasonic says the cameras have a total zoom range of 32x for 1080p HD output. At the wide angle limit, the cameras have a 75.1° FOV. The cameras are said to have HDR (HGL) and Rec. 2020 support, although the preliminary information available at this point doesn’t go into detail as to what that means. They are permanently mounted on pan and tilt bases These cameras were previously shown at IBC although they were not covered in the Meko IBC report. These cameras are intended for unobtrusive installation and remote operation. They stream the images via 12G SDI to the controller for processing and passing on to further use. Besides 12G SDI, the camera has 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, HDMI, IP (presumably SMPTE ST 2022) and Optical Fiber output. The operator at the controller can control the pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) of the camera, along with all its other functions such as focus. These cameras are expected to be available winter, 2018 with a suggested list price of under $12,000. –Matthew Brennesholtz