MultiQ launches the In-Store Tablet, mobile e-commerce and sales support in the store

With your e-commerce available in the store you can increase your sales and service level considerably. The In-Store Tablet is a mobile and interactive tablet in a handy format. Its size and mobility makes it ideal as sales support when meeting customers in the store.

Unlimited product range
The amount of products on store display is often limited by the physical store space. Since the In-Store Tablet let your customers access your e-commerce in the store, you are able to offer an unlimited product range and orders can be made directly on the In-Store Tablet.

Mobile Digital Signage
When not in use by customers or staff, the In-Store Tablet automatically becomes a mobile digital sign, displaying any commercial content such as films, campaign information etc. The content is centrally managed.

· Mobile e-commerce in the store
· Unlimited product range
· Excellent sales support in the store
· Mobile Digital Signage
· Increased sales and service level