LG Electronics Unveils Attractively Priced Commercial Display Series Packed With Features

LG Electronics USA introduced an all-new digital signage monitor series, a cost-effective solution for the U.S. retail and small- to mid-size business (SMB) markets. The five new models in the SE3B series redefine affordable digital signage, with lower energy consumption, a narrower bezel width and flexible content management features.

The sleek and stylish displays, on display at the 2015 Digital Signage Expo, exemplify how LG Electronics is responding to U.S. market demand and customer feedback.

“At LG, we’re committed to listening to our customers. Their input helps us better understand what the market needs and focus our innovation on products that will give our customers a competitive advantage,” said Clark Brown, digital signage vice president for LG Electronics USA. “We are proud to be making superb digital signage technology more attainable to the SMB market.”

The new SE3B series is available in five screen sizes, ranging from 32- to 65-inch class (31.51- to 64.53-inches diagonally), and boasts a bezel width (at its thinnest point) of just 11.9 mm, the thinnest on the market at this price. The new series features conformal circuit board coating, a clear, non-conductive coating that is applied to the circuit boards to help protect the internal circuits from harsh environmental factors such as dust, humidity and grease.

LG’s new series offers the ability to control the signage monitors and distribute content through Wi-Fi by providing two USB ports, one for a USB dongle control and one for content distribution. USB capabilities allow customers to easily and seamlessly control content downloads without a complicated process. The series supports third-party device management through Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) standards, allowing businesses to receive notifications and control the monitors remotely. The series also includes upgraded features, including a detachable logo and cable management for a clean and flawless installation.

In order to fulfill customer demand for consistent aspect ratio, LG created the “Sustain Aspect Ratio” mode that allows the monitor to manage the Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) more effectively. This feature delivers a very valuable function of keeping the display aspect ratio and resolution locked in, regardless of the power cycling of the display and or the media player. Additionally, LG created an option that allows customers and system integrators to control or conduct a status check on the monitor, as well as control the network and backlight, even when the power is off, enhancing the manageability of the panel and control of the signage system.

The SE3B series also allows customers to store a pre-defined image on the panel as back up if the standard inputs fail, giving an even higher level of redundancy and customer satisfaction.. Further, with the SE3B series, customers can now use the new Image Sticking Management (ISM) mode that allows better hardware protection and life expectancy of the panel, lowering the total cost of ownership.

The SE3B series is ENERGY STAR® 6.0 certified, and consumes 18 percent less energy compared to previous models. To further conserve energy, its Direct Power Management feature allows the circuit network to remain on while the panel can be switched off.