MSI 17″ Notebook is for Gaming

The GT75VR 7RF Titan Pro is a new gaming notebook from MSI that has a 17″ FullHD display with a response time of 3ms and refresh rate of 120Hz that is being driven by an Nvidia GTX1080 8GB graphics system (or with options of the GTX 1070 SLI or GTX 1070). The display includes Tru Color 2.0 software from Portrait Displays.There is an optional UltraHD IPS display that supports 100% of AdobeRGB.

The processor is a 7th generation Core i7 from Intel and has up to 64GB of RAM and a lot of storage which includes a RAID configuration.

Features include a mechanical keyboard and Audio is 3W per channel plus a 5W woofer. Ethernet is 10Gb. Ports include a Type-C connector with USB 3.1 and Thunderbolt as well as an HDMI and a mini-DisplayPort ouput. The device can support three external UltraHD displays.