MOPIC Light Field 3D Total Solution to Lead Digital Transformation of Microscopes

MOPIC, a Light Field 3D technology leader, is receiving much attention from a wide array of customers since it unveiled Light Field 3D Total Solution at InfoComm 2022 in June. Indeed, there has been an increasing number of inquiries about the digital transformation of microscopes that changes analog optical microscopes to digital microscope systems.

MOPIC Light Field 3D Total Solution integrates all the technologies related to Light Field 3D; capturing with a 3D camera as seen with the human eye; extracting 3D graphic content as an optimal stereoscopic image; offering a software algorithm that enables consistent three-dimensional effects, and implementing an optical technology that offers stereoscopic images in high resolution without Cross talk(X-talk).

As the microscopic world under a microscope is invisible to naked eyes, it should be observed through the ocular lens or photographed through a camera. However, depth perception cannot be achieved in 2D displays where a 3D space seen with naked eyes is compressed into a 2D plane. This is the same way we see in 2D with one eye closed. MOPIC’s technology was made to overcome the shortcomings, enabling users to implement three-dimensionality on a digital screen.

Solectrix, a German microscope digital transformation company, applied MOPIC’s Light Field 3D technology to its “sinaSCOPE” product group in order to implement the “binocular parallax,” which is realized with an analog Stereo Microscope, also in the digital screen.

In addition to the microscope digital transformation solution, MOPIC provides a range of other solutions including 3D smart signage offering a powerful immersion experience, and a Light Field 3D display for 3D video calling and remote monitoring.