Mitsubishi Still in TVs, Has UltraHD to Prove It

Last year, Mitsubishi Electric showed a prototype UltraHD Laservue TV at Ceatec (Display Monitor Vol 20 No 38). Now, the company is preparing to bring it to market. The Real LS1, in 65″ (LCD-65LS1) and 58″ (LCD-58LS1) sizes, will be released in Japan on 30th October.

Using a red laser and cyan (green and blue) LED, the TV features HDMI (x4), USB and RJ45 ports, as well as an SD card slot and two ‘video inputs’. It will cost ¥650,000 ($6,260) (65″) or ¥463,000 ($4,460) (58″), ex VAT.


Mitsubishi left TVs in Europe many years ago, and abandoned the US market, with its rear-projection models, in 2012 (Display Monitor Vol 19 No 49). (TA)