Miraxess Launches Indigogo Campaign

We reported on the Mirabook smartphone ‘shell’ that converts a smartphone to a notebook format at CES (Post CES 2017 Round-Up & Smartphone Opportunities and ‘Price Gravity’). Now Mirateam, based in France, has officially launched its Indiegogo project which is offering the unit at an initial price of $180 (to 23rd April) and $199 thereafter, rather than the final expected price of $299. There are also family and distribution deals and shipment is expected in December 2017. The company pointed out that by some metrics, the Samsung S8 has a higher computing score than the Macbook Air.

The unit has a 13.3″ FullHD display.

At the time of writing, the device has reached $21,000 from a $50,000 target with one month left.

Analyst Comment

We thought that the original shell looked good at CES but it was talking about $299 on Indiegogo at CES – $199 looks more realistic. (BR)