Metz Replaces Loewe, Adds UltraHD

The combined Metz/Skyworth stand was in the space previously taken by Loewe, which was not at the show this year. Skyworth was mainly demonstrating TV technologies, such as prototype OLED models, while the new launches for the European market were being highlighted in the Metz area.

One of the new TV families is called Planea: these are mostly UltraHD TVs in 32″ (1920 x 1080), 43″, 49″ and 55″ sizes. The key feature is the sound output; the TV features four front-firing speakers. The Planea range features Metz’s first 43″ and 49″ TVs. Prices will range between €840 and €1,680.

The Pureo range has been redesigned with a new metallic stand and Wi-Fi, as well as a new UI. These 32″, 43″ and 49″ TVs (1920 x 1080) will cost between €670 and €1,000. Another range that has been expanded is the Solea family, with 42″, 47″ and 55″ sizes. They will have twin tuners and optional Bluetooth. Prices will be between €1,430 and €1,930.

Finally, a new UltraHD TV has been added to the Topas range. The set will be released some time in Q4, and feature twin tuners (DVB-T/C/S2). There will be a 42″ model costing €1,765 and a 55″ costing €2,520.

All of Metz’s new TVs will be released in October (unless specified), and use panels from LG Display. They are also compatible with a new Metz app that features an internet timer, which can be used to schedule recording.

On the Skyworth side, there were a selection of new TVs in the Air range (CES 2015 Roundup), which will be launched in China this October. These are thin (7.9mm) UltraHD units, with two models: the G9200 (65″, 55″ and 49″) and G7200 (55″ and 43″).