Meta Materials Joins Lasar Alliance For Augmented Reality Wearable Devices

Meta Materials Inc. a developer of high-performance functional materials and nanocomposites, announced it has joined the Laser Scanning for Augmented Reality (LaSAR) Alliance, a member program of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Industry Standards and Technology Organization. IEEE is the world’s largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity.

“LaSAR welcomes Meta Materials to the Alliance and looks forward to their contributions to building the solid foundation on which we can all drive the growth of augmented reality wearable devices through laser beam scanning solutions,” said Dr. Bharath Rajagopalan, Chair of the LaSAR Alliance and Director, Strategic Marketing at STMicroelectronics.

The LaSAR Alliance ( was established to create an ecosystem of like-minded companies and organizations to foster and encourage the development and promotion of technologies, components, devices, techniques and solutions to enable the efficient design and manufacture of augmented reality wearable devices including smart glasses and head-mounted displays. The goal is to provide an environment to facilitate a marketplace for ideas where members can exchange and share information, collaborate and partner to create, build and grow effective and compelling LBS (Laser Beam Scanning) based solutions, share best practices and to help drive the growth of the market for augmented reality wearables in general.

“We are excited about the opportunity to more closely collaborate with the industry leading members of the LaSAR Alliance and anticipate that our combined development efforts and knowledge sharing will accelerate the delivery of ARfusion™, META’s unique, proprietary free space holographic optical element and laser beam scanning ophthalmic solution, to the AR industry,” said Darren Ihmels, Vice President Ophthalmic Business Development at Meta Materials.

META’s ARfusion™ technology combines precision cast lens fabrication tools with functional metamaterials and volume holograms, to provide AR wearable developers with a platform for seamlessly integrating smart technologies into thin lightweight prescription glasses.

About Meta Materials Inc.

META® delivers previously unachievable performance, across a range of applications, by inventing, designing, developing, and manufacturing sustainable, highly functional materials. Our extensive technology platform enables leading global brands to deliver breakthrough products to their customers in consumer electronics, 5G communications, health and wellness, aerospace, automotive, and clean energy. Our nano-optic technology provides anti-counterfeiting security features for government documents and currencies and authentication for brands. Our achievements have been widely recognized, including being named a Lux Research Innovator of the Year in 2021.