Mersive Launches the Solstice Pod and Announces New Solstice Pricing

Mersive, a leading provider of software-based collaboration solutions, today announced the newest addition to its product line, the Solstice Pod, a turnkey wireless media streaming solution for improved collaboration in meeting rooms and classrooms.

By combining Solstice software with a cost-effective, high-performance hardware platform, the turnkey solution can be offered at breakthrough prices – $799 for the Small Group Edition (SGE) version and $999 for the Unlimited users version. In conjunction with the launch of the Solstice Pod, Mersive has introduced revised pricing for Solstice software, making use case requirements – not price – the deciding factor for room based collaboration solutions.

“The Solstice Pod closes the gap between two major markets – mobility/BYOD and collaboration – by offering best-in-class features for multi-source, multi-user content sharing at prices anyone can afford,” said Mersive CEO, Rob Balgley.

Solstice software has been optimized to run on small-form-factor, high-performance hardware, making the Pod an all-inclusive collaboration solution for any meeting space with a display. Unlike its firmware-based competitors, the Solstice Pod offers a continuous upgrade path for new features and functionality to keep pace with changing market requirements.

New on the Solstice Pod:

  • Synchronous desktop audio streaming
  • Remote configuration via a web browser
  • One-click software updates
  • Built-in WAP capabilities
  • Native support for touch and 4K displays

The Solstice Pod, is the ideal solution for customers without a dedicated room PC while Solstice software is still the best choice for those with existing room-based PCs. The Solstice Pod can be integrated into the existing corporate network or deployed as a ‘drop-in’ solution using its built-in wireless access point capabilities, meeting the requirements of both A/V and IT.

In conjunction with the launch of the new Solstice Pod, Mersive has revised pricing for Solstice software brining it in line with the Solstice Pod – $799 for SGE and $999 for Unlimited versions effective March 10, 2015.

“With tens of millions of meeting rooms and classrooms and over 35 million meetings a day we want to ensure that we can address the broadest needs of the market – be it price, functionality or ease of use,” said Balgley.

The Solstice Pod will begin shipping in April 2015.