Merck Leads Printed Electronics Consortium

Merck is a founder member of the ATLASS Project – a European project examining printed electronics. ATLASS (Advanced High-Resolution Printing of Organic Transistors for Large Area Smart Surfaces) aims to help achieve a breakthrough of printed electronics in smart switching solutions.

15 partners form the ATLASS consortium, co-ordinated by Merck. They range across the printed electronics value chain, from material development to application. The project has a budget of €7.9 million, and is funded by the EU Horizon 2020 Initiative.

At its heart, ATLASS is dedicated to the IoT. The consortium will:

  • Develop multifunctional materials
  • Develop and optimize high-resolution gravure printing and nano imprinting processes
  • Develop and integrate in-line optical inspection and yield management
  • Scale-up the materials and high-resolution printing technologies to demonstrate a high technology readiness level.

Some of the potential applications include electronic labels; force-sensing foils; and proximity sensing.