More News of LG’s Macbook Monitors

We reported on the Apple launch last week which, effectively, marked the end of Apple as a supplier of monitors for its computers as the company is now only offering products from LG. Now we have some more details of the LG Ultrafine offerings. There are two models, a 21.5″ DCI 4k (4096 x 2160 at 219ppi) monitor and a 27″ monitor that has 5120 x 2880 (which it calls ‘5K’ and gives 218 ppi). Brightness is at a high level of 500 cd/m².

Both monitors can charge the MacBook Pro with 60W on the 21.5″ and 85W on the 27″ through a single cable that also drives the graphics on the monitor. The monitors have three USB Type-C ports and both support ‘99% of DCI P3’ gamut. Another shared feature is a ‘Rich Bass’ speaker system. The 27″ has a web camera and microphone, but the 21.5″ doesn’t. Both monitors have height adjustment. Pricing is $1299.95 for the 27″ in November and $699.95 for the 21.5″ in December.

Analyst Comment

The monitors are much brighter than typical desktop monitors, which tend to top out at around 300 cd/m². However, 500 cd/m² is not enough to act as a full on display for mastering HDR content.A feature is that the brightness can be controlled using the brightness controls on the MacBook Pro.

The support for DCI P3 brings the monitors into line with other Apple products and makes a lot of sense to me. I have been in favour of a shift to this gamut as an intermediate standard for the next few years until we can get to something close to Rec. 2020 with reasonable efficiency. I suspect that there is more to learn about these monitors once a few have been shipped. (BR)