MDM Product Roundup – Vol 22 No 50

More than two years after we first came across the Avegant Glyph headset (Display Monitor Vol 20 No 41), the company is now preparing to ship the product. Orders will be honoured throughout Q1’16, with an initial production run of 10,000 units. Continued production will see the product in ‘select retail stores’ in the USA and Canada through the year. The Glyph headset uses DLP technology and an LED light source to reflect light into a user’s eyes, rather than an emissive LCD or OLED display.

The Pixel C hybrid from Google (Google Revamps Chromecast, Brings Android to Pixel) is now on sale. It costs $500.

Vuzix has begun to ship its iWear Video Headphones to consumers, after showing them at E3 this year. The device is a VR headset using dual LCD screens, and costs $500.