Matterport Brings VR to the Browser by Supporting WebVR

Matterport announced that they are now supporting viewing their virtual reality spaces directly through the browser without having to download an app. For now this works only for Daydream-enabled phones (running Android Nougat) using the Google Chrome browser. The company expects that this technology will eventually migrate to other platforms and devices making VR ‘just another way to view content’.

We have reported before that “Matterport Claims the “World’s Largest Library” of Real-World VR Places” (over 300,000) and that they worked closely with Apple “Matterport VR Content Available on iPhone“. Now, it seems that Google made a better offer and is the front runner this time. To be clear, this large library of VR content refers to any kind of content including many 360º videos of real estate properties. As these properties are getting sold, the videos may remain and add to the large library without serving any purpose for real estate agents. At least one can walk through someone else’s house via VR. This makes it pretty funny that it only works on “Daydream” enabled phones. – NH