Matrox Tackles Italian Water Flow

Matrox graphics controllers and Sharp displays have been used in two new control room installations for MM SpA, in Italy. The first, in Milan, incorporated a Mura MPX controller with MuraControl software, driving a 2×2 video wall of four PN-V601A 60″ displays. The set-up replaced an older video wall made of four 50″ rear-projection cubes. An LED display was also installed outside the facility.

The second installation is in the control room managing the water services for the provinces of Grosseto and Siena. Again, a video wall of Sharp displays (3×2) is controlled by Mura MPX cards. The screens are connected via DVI to a display wall controller; the same server is connected with dual DVI cables to six workstations serving six operator consoles. These are managed through Matrox’s Extio F2408 KVM extender.