Magic Leap Hints at Releasing its Mixed Reality Product

According to Reuters, Magic Leap has hinted at ramping up production of their mixed reality product. This information came from the Fortune Magazine Brainstorm Tech Conference 2016, where Magic Leap’s CEO Rony Avbovitz has given an interview.

magic leap logo

So far, the almost the only fact that Magic Leap has released is its total start up investments of $1.4 billion. When it comes to their technology they are very close lipped and just point out how far ahead of everyone else they are. From the 600 strong staff they hired, we know that there is a healthy balance between hardware and software specialists. This is somewhat surprising since they claim to be developing a completely new display system including semiconductor design. One would imagine that, with this approach , the company would be very heavy on the hardware side.

In this recent interview Magic Leap stated that they are debugging their production line in Florida with the intention of delivering consumer products in the not so far future without, of course, giving any real details of what and when that may be. Mention was made that Magic Leap’s technology makes use of light field display technology that makes the augmented reality objects look completely real. While this may be great for entertainment the interviewee also pointed out that this could propel on-line retail even further. – NH