Ludwig Pohl Inducted into German Research Hall of Fame

Merck KGaA is a leading developer and supplier of LCD materials, without whom, the development of the LCD industry would have been very different. One of the drivers behind the LC development was Ludwig Pohl and his colleagues many years ago.

Now the German Hall of Fame for Science has inducted Ludwig Pohl (82) and honors his lifelong contribution to the development of liquid crystal materials. As Karl-Ludwig Kley, the chairman of the Executive Board of Merck said in his laudatio, “With Ludwig Pohl, we are today honoring a researcher worthy of merit, a passionate scientist, and a visionary who fought for his ideas with persistence and tenacity”.

As a department head at Merck, Ludwig Pohl was a driving force of the development of liquid crystals and their application possibilities from the 1960s to the 1990s. Through his work he helped to define the display industry in a completely new way – a way that is still playing out in the consumer electronics industry today.

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Many thanks from all of us in the display industry and its related fields! All the best to Ludwig Pohl. – Norbert Hildebrand