Logitech Reveals VR Keyboard Solution

Logitech has announced Bridge, a solution for the integration of keyboards into VR settings.

The company announced the availability of 50 developer kits for Bridge, via a blog post on the Vive website. Bridge works by attaching a Vive Tracker device to a Logitech G gaming keyboard, allowing the keyboard to be viewed from within the VR space, while providing the necessary tactile feedback.

The appearance of the keyboard within the virtual environment can also be customised with a range of skins and font options. Bridge also provides the ability to highlight certain keys and make others invisible on a contextual, app-by-app basis.

Logitech worked with development partners including Virtual Desktop, BigScreen and Autodesk from the early stages of the design process, using their feedback to make adjustments to the solution. Applications for the initial 50 dev kits closed on November 16th, but Logitech has stated that more will become available at a later date if demand is high.

Analyst Comment

There is a lot of interest in developing virtual workspaces with big displays, but not being able to see they keyboard when the headset is on is one of the significant barriers. (BR)