LG’s Transparent OLED TVs Pushed Back to 2024

According to a report by Korean newspaper TheElec, LG Displays is still considering the possibility of releasing a transparent OLED TV, but it won't be available until at least 2024. It appears that the demand for consumer electronics, such as TVs, has decreased due to the global economic downturn. 

LG Display has been showcasing its ideas for  transparent displays since CES 2021 and as recently as last September at Innotrans. For a launch to have occured in 2023, the company would have needed to begin development during the second half of this year, but there have been no reported movements towards this goal. 

While LG Electronics may eventually release such a model, it would not be the first on the market, as Xiaomi released the 55-inch Mi Lux transparent OLED TV in 2020 using LG's panels. However, that model saw minimal sales (it did cost about 
$7,000). LG is also reportedly considering the exterior design of a potential transparent OLED TV model. The company already offers transparent OLED signage through its Business Solutions Company, a B2B division.
Source: LG Display