LG Upgrades LED Projectors

LG said that it will show new ProBeam UST (model HF85JA) and MiniBeam (model PH30JG) LED projectors for home cinema use at IFA.

The ProBeam UST supports FullHD resolution and can display a 100″ image when the back of the projector just 4.7″ (12cm) away from a wall. It produces 1500 Ansi lumens of brightness (up from 1,000 on the previous model) and with contrast claimed at 150,000:1. The LED light source is rated to have a life of 20,000 hours. Connectivity includes Bluetooth and uses LG’s webOS smart TV technology to add smart features.

The MiniBeam model is smaller and has an integrated battery with a four hour life (up from 2.5 hours on the previous unit). The unit can be run at quite extreme angles (up to 70º) and can show an image on the ceiling without a tripod. The MiniBeam uses a USB Type-C connector for charging the 9000 mAh battery.

Analyst Comment

LG quoted data from PMA Research that forecasts a value of $5.7 billion for the LED/laser market in 2020. At last year’s IFA, I saw the previous versions of these projectors and thought the image quality was pretty good, especially for the price and size. (BR)