LG Sticks Large OLED to Wall With Magnets

LG Display has developed an OLED TV panel so thin and light that it can be held on a wall with magnets.

LGD’s existing 55″ OLED panel is 4.3mm thick – the new panel, which is the same size, is just 0.97mm. It weighs 1.9kg and was shown being stuck to the wall on a magnetic mat.

The company also showed a convex OLED panel, and plans to introduce a 99″ unit this year. Development will also continue on rollable, flexible and transparent displays in the small- to mid-sized segments.

OLED is still seen as a growth driver for LG Display. The company’s OLED head, Yeo Sang-deong, has said that LGD will ramp up OLED production to a substantial level in Q3 this year. The sales target for this year is 600,000 OLED panels, and 1.5 million for 2016.