LG Ready to Ship Commercial Wallpaper OLED

LG showed a commercial version of its Wallpaper display at ISE and at PTE (LG Demonstrates Wide Range of Displays) and has now said that it will start shipping in the US from April. The 55″ set has FullHD resolution and is 3.65mm (0.14″) thick as the controller box is separate at the end of a 2 metre (6′ 6″) cable. Features for commercial use include 64GB of internal memory and supports LG’s SuperSign software.

Brightness is 400 cd/m² at 25% APL, 100 cd/m² at 100% APL. Response time is quoted at 1ms (G to G), 8ms MPRT. Lifetime is 30,000 hours at18/7 with moving video only and it can be used in portrait or landscape mode. Bezel width is just 1.2mm all around and power consumption is typically 190W.

The box has HDMI and DisplayPort connections as well as supporting RS232C and Ethernet control. DP daisy chain operation is supported.

At the DSE, LG also showed the double sided OLED display and also 65″ UltraHD video wall monitors based on OLED technology that are due to start shipping in the US in May.

Analyst Comment

The 18/7 for video only limitation will mean that many commercial applications are not available, but LG believes that there are enough high end retail and hospitality users that will want to make the most of the undoubtedly impressive visual impact of this wallpaper display. (BR)