LG Needs Thunderbolt for DCI-4k

LG has been keen to promote high-resolution products this year, and NAB was no exception, with a 31″ LCD monitor using DCI-4k resolution.

Details about the 31MU97Z were sparse – we couldn’t pin LG down to a price or release date – but did hear more about the interfaces. DCi-4k wouldn’t be handled at 60Hz frame rate by HDMI, so LG uses dual Thunderbolt 2 ports (capable of transferring data at 20Gbps). The display joins a very select list of Thunderbolt monitors from LG – there are only four others.

Apple’s newest Mac computers have used the Thunderbolt connector. LG did not confirm that the 31MU97Z would work with Macs, but its previous Thunderbolt models have all done so.

10-bit colour is supported on the monitor, which also has two 5W speakers.