LG Electronics and MStar Committed to Eurofins’ Logo Scheme

Eurofins Digital Testing has announced that LG Electronics and MStar have committed to Eurofins’ 4K HDR Ultra HD logo technical requirements in their forthcoming products.

The 4K HDR Ultra HD logo provides assurance that the level of image quality promised by this technology will be effectively delivered and reproduced on the compliant devices that display the logo. The scheme certifies that all qualifying equipment delivers the extended contrast range and colours essential for HDR and WCG, as well as ensuring that the full potential of UHD is met.

Beginning later this year, applicable models of LG Electronics’ TVs will carry the logo, and feature the latest generation of 4K HDR Ultra HD display. MStar will use the test materials in development of their latest SoC components, to better enable their customers to support HDR in end-devices.