LG Display to Build 10.5G Fab?

We have seen a couple of reports, quoting the Maeil Business News as a source, that suggest that LG Display has decided to built a 10.5G LCD fab in Paju, with a start in February 2018. The aim was said to be compete with Chinese makers.

Analyst Comment

We had a good look around for this story, but couldn’t find it on the original site – nor can we find it anywhere else. It may be that the report was withdrawn, but given that LG Display is publicly listed and very serious about its disclosure obligations, it might be dangerous to assume that this report is correct. It may be that LG is just conducting a feasibilty study or planning excercise. In its most recent earning analysts’ call, the firm said that it was thinking about the possibility, but at the moment remains focused on trying to switch to an OLED-based strategy. (BR)