LG Display to Apply New OLED Materials for Apple’s iPad and Cars

LG Display plans to use a new set of organic light-emitting diode (OLED) materials called RDE for Apple’s upcoming iPad Pro models expected to launch next year, according to a report by The Elec.

Source: Apple

The RDE material set will be specifically targeted for IT products like tablets and laptops. LG Display’s next-generation material, RDF, is slated for use in Genesis vehicles releasing in 2024. Another material, RDG, is likely to debut in Apple MacBooks around 2027.

Previously, LG Display used the same OLED materials, dubbed the RD series, interchangeably between automotive displays and consumer electronics. With RDE and beyond, the company aims to customize material sets for different applications.

The new tandem OLED structure with two stacked light-emitting layers allows higher efficiency and lifespan compared to single-layer OLEDs used in iPhones. Managing current flow in the two layers is critical for color purity and brightness.

LG Display and Samsung Display are both expected to supply 11-inch and 13-inch OLED panels for Apple’s 2024 iPad Pro refresh.