OLED Shipments for IT Products Expected to Reach 31 Million by 2027

According to a new report by UBI Research, shipments of OLED displays for tablets, laptops, and monitors are forecast to reach 31 million units by 2027, growing at an average annual rate of 41%.

Source: UBI Research

The growth will be driven by investments in new OLED production lines by major display makers like Samsung Display, LG Display, BOE, and Visionox. Samsung Display plans to start mass production from its new 6G line in 2024 to supply OLED screens for Apple’s iPads. BOE also aims to produce OLED displays for IT products from its B12 line.

Samsung Display recently announced plans to build an 8.6G OLED factory focused on IT displays, with production expected to begin in 2026. LG Display and BOE are also considering 8.6G OLED plants.

The OLED market for IT products has received less attention than smartphones and TVs, but is now gaining significant interest due to rising demand for devices like tablets and laptops. OLED provides benefits like thinner, brighter, and more energy-efficient displays.

If demand continues to grow and additional production capacity comes online, the IT sector is poised to become a high value market for OLED, similar to the smartphone space. The new report forecasts OLED’s increased adoption across tablets, notebooks, monitors and more over the next 5 years.