LG Display’s OLED TV Panels Earn Global Gaming Certifications from UK and Germany

LG Display, the world’s leading innovator of display technologies, announced that it has received global gaming certifications based on the exceptional performance and quality of its OLED TV displays.

The entire OLED TV display lineup – which ranges from 48 to 88 inches – earned the Qualified Superior Gaming Performance certification from British certification company Intertek as well as the High Gaming Performance Gold certification from highly reputable German inspection service TÜV Rheinland, making it the first display company to simultaneously receive certificates from both the U.K and Germany.

When it comes to gaming TVs, smooth, clear and undisrupted images for the fastest on-screen action are essential, which means the response time that measures the time it takes to show the graphic card’s signal on the screen is one of the most important performance aspects. Moreover, a rapid response time reduces input lag – the delay time for gaming signals to show up on the screen.

According to Intertek’s test results, the company’s OLED TV panels are the fastest display available today with a fast response time of less than 0.1 ms (0.0001 seconds) based on GTG (Gray to Gray) measurement method. In addition, OLED is found to be inverse ghosting free – an issue commonly seen on LCD displays where previous image frames linger because they are simply too fast for the LCD displays to handle.

Meanwhile, TÜV Rheinland comprehensively measured the innovative OLED panels’ capabilities which include testing on refresh rates, GTG response time, motion blur and color gamut, and afterwards rewarded OLED TV displays with their High Gaming Performance Gold status, the highest gaming performance certification to date.

Self-emissive by nature, OLED displays provide the perfect screen for console gamers or high-end PC users for gaming through an overwhelming performance built on clear and vibrant image quality, a fast response time, a refresh rate of 120 frames per second, and a wide variable refresh rate of 40 to 120 Hz.

Moreover, LG Display’s OLED boasts the lowest level of blue light emissions in the industry, allowing gamers to play comfortably during long gaming sessions without experiencing side effects like eye fatigue. The company’s OLED displays also marks the world’s first Eyesafe® certified TV display to meet requirements from Eyesafe, a U.S-based eye protection certification agency, for low emissions of blue light and optimal color performance.

“With its OLED technology, LG Display will create a differentiated gaming environment, thereby enabling gamers all over the world to enjoy unmatched picture quality and performance when playing their favorite games,” said Oh Chang-ho, Executive Vice President & Head of the TV Business Unit at LG Display.