LG Display’s Domestic Plants Obtain ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’ Verification from UL Solutions

LG Display, the world’s leading innovator of display technologies, announced that it obtained the ‘Zero Waste to Landfill(ZWTL)’ verification from UL Solutions, a global independent safety science company, across all of its domestic production plants in Paju and Gumi.

Regarded as an international standard for resource recycling efforts on a corporate level, the Zero Waste to Landfill verification is granted to companies that achieve a recycling rate of over 90 percent.

Last year, LG Display achieved a resource recycling rate of more than 98 percent by recycling 122,820 out of 124,644 tons of total waste generated across its domestic plants. As a result, the company achieved an annual economic impact of more than KRW 20 billion, thanks to both reduced costs from waste disposal and additional profits from selling waste resources.

This recent verification carries great significance for LG Display’s ESG management that pursued sustainable growth by providing innovative customer experiences, as it has not only led to the creation of eco-friendly plants but also received an international recognition for its efforts.

Even today, LG Display continually strives to increase its resource recycling rate by minimizing waste generation and implementing eco-friendly habits for its entire staff members.

An example of the company’s environmental achievements is its improvement of the disposal efficiency of waste glass, a material that used to be entirely buried in the past. The company is currently working with various partners to develop and implement eco-friendly disposal solutions to reduce waste.

Furthermore, LG Display actively encourages its employees to build eco-friendly habits by installing ‘Smart collection bins’ across offices that automatically separate and discharge PET bottles collected from employees during everyday office hours and also carrying out an in-house campaign to encourage the use of tumblers and eco-friendly bags.

“In order to protect the environment, it is imperative that we improve the recycling rate by increasing the value of waste resources while ensuring that the amount of waste generated is reduced through our manufacturing process and overall management,” said Kim Seong-hee, Senior Vice President and Chief Safety and Environment Officer (CSEO) at LG Display. “We will continue to work towards achieving sustainable growth by improving our resource recycling rate across our entire production process, from product design and manufacturing to waste disposal.”