LG Display To Invest $1.8 Billion in Flexible OLEDs

LG Display is investing KRW1.99 trillion ($1.8 billion) in a new flexible OLED production line. The E6 line will be located in Paju, South Korea and will manufacture sixth-generation (1,500mm x 1,850mm) substrates.

Han Sang-Beom, CEO of LGD, said that the shift from LCD to OLED “represents both a challenge and an opportunity for the display industry… LG Display is determined to become the leader in the fast-growing OLED market through timely investments to maximize efficiency.” Just last week, LG admitted that it was a latecomer to the small/medium OLED market (LGD Will “Balance” LCD and OLED).

Mass-production on the E6 line is scheduled to begin in the second half of 2018, when 15,000 substrates will be produced each month.

LGD currently operates a G4.5 flexible OLED line in Paju (E2) and is building another G6 line (E5) in Gumi.