LG Display Enhances OLED Panels with Expanded Deuterium Application

According to ET News in Korea, LG Display is making significant strides in the application of deuterium to enhance the efficiency and lifespan of OLED panels. Previously, deuterium, a heavy form of hydrogen, was only employed in specific OLED materials, particularly in blue panels. However, LG Display’s latest research and development efforts aim to broaden its use across red, green, and essential OLED material layers.

The report says that sources are claiming LG Display is collaborating with major partners to devise technological strategies and process implementation methods for this expansion. LG Display first started using deuterium in OLED panels towards the end of 2021. The process, which involves replacing hydrogen with deuterium, has been time-consuming and costly, restricting its use to specific areas. However, the successful application in blue panels has encouraged the company to extend its usage to improve overall panel performance.

LG Display was awarded the Technology Award at the HiVi Grand Prix back in 2022 for its large-sized OLED TV panels using EX Technology. The company’s EX Technology incorporated deuterium technology and personalized algorithms, boosting brightness by 30% over conventional OLED displays and reducing bezel thickness by 30%.