LG Commits to 100% Renewable Energy Use

In a significant commitment towards sustainable business operations, LG has confirmed that it will transition to 100% renewable energy usage across all of its business sites by 2050.

YearRenewable Energy Usage

As a part of the global RE100 initiative, LG aims to gradually increase its renewable energy consumption, with intermediary targets set at 60% by 2030 and 90% by 2040. The change will affect all aspects of the company’s operations, including its display manufacturing processes.

This energy transition plan will utilize various methods such as the installment of high-efficiency solar panels at LG’s offices and manufacturing facilities, purchasing renewable energy certificates (RECs), and signing renewable energy power purchase agreements (PPAs). In South Korea, the company will also pay Korea Electric Power Corporation’s green premium.

LG’s collaboration with GS EPS, a Korean power generation company, will construct a solar power station at LG Smart Park in Changwon. The project, due for completion by 2025, will include solar panels on a space equivalent to three soccer fields atop the existing integrated production building. Parts of this station are already in operation.

Around the world, LG has installed solar panels on several office rooftops, including its facilities in Seoul, South Korea; New Jersey, USA; Greater Noida, India; and Rayong, Thailand. These sites contribute significantly to the production of the company’s display units.

In 2019, LG announced its “Zero Carbon 2030” pledge, committing to net-zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2030. The company’s transition to renewable energy sources is a significant part of this initiative, as it allows for the reduction of indirect (scope 2) carbon emissions associated with energy usage.