Leyard Pushing Small Pitch LED

leyard 0pt7mm

Leyard is one of the top makers of small pitch LEDs in China and impressed us at ISE. At Infocomm, it was showing solutions in 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 1.9mm and 2.5mm. It had put together a 1.2mm HD display which is being sold for $39,000. It has 960 x 540 resolution (quarter of FullHD) and a brightness of 800 cd/mm². That would mean around $160,000 for a FullHD 110″. There was a demonstration of the same pitch being used in an 8k x 2k wall that was 31.5′ x 8.9′ (9.6m x 2.7m). As always with Leyard, the image quality was good.

There was also a demonstration of a 0.7mm tile that is likely to be available “very soon”. No other details were being released.

Leyard showed this 0.7mm sample of LEDs

Analyst Comment

My feeling on the 0.7mm pitch sample was that the fill factor is not yet good enough to challenge LCD for close up applications. However, some kind of diffusion layer may well be developed to help with this. At Display Summit, we heard the question of whether there was a chance of a cinema screen using LED and Leyard is already involved with a project for a 105′ (32M) screen.