LEADER Joins the TICO Alliance to Promote Efficient UHD Content Delivery

LEADER Electronics Corporation, a globally active producer of high-grade test and measurement equipment for the broadcast industry, announces that it has joined the TICO Alliance.

This decision forms part of LEADER’s commitment to ensure that its hardware and software solutions conform to the IP-based data-exchange formats increasingly being used in broadcast television, radio and professional audio.

TICO technology allows UHD streams to be sent efficiently and with low latency while preserving high image quality. To support transportation of UHD TV streams across an IP network or the existing 3G-SDI infrastructure, new smart, fast and light compression is needed. 10 gigabit/s Ethernet or 3G-SDI networks are widely deployed and operated cost-effectively within the broadcast environment.

Implementing visually lossless compression up to 4:1, TICO enables the mapping of a 4K/UHD 2160p60 stream over a single 3G-SDI link. Up to three streams of 2160p60 can be transmitted simultaneously over 10 gigabit/s Ethernet.

TICO provides extremely low latency, preserves video quality across multiple generations of encoding/decoding, fits into compact FPGA devices and runs efficiently in software. This technology is designed to enhance live IP systems by increasing efficiency and reducing cost for both HD and 4K/UHD video.

“As well as being a trusted partner to broadcasters, LEADER is future-proofing its test and measurement products,” comments LEADER’S European Regional Development Manager, Kevin Salvidge. “We are allowing broadcasters to migrate from the traditional SDI world to the brave new IP world at their own pace, with a test and measurement products that operate in either or both infrastructures.”