LDM Product Roundup – Vol 23 No 18

DisplayLite will show a new 55″ UltraHD procap touch table at the NEC Showcase 2016 (18th – 19th May, London). It will be based on an NEC display.

Touch screen specialist Distec can now equip its procap touch products with its VacuBond optical bonding process. This bonds a layer of protective front glass to the screen.

A version of Eyevis 55″ transparent OLED display (Eyevis Prepares Transparent OLED) is now available with protective front glass. It is called the EYE-TOLED-5500-TIGF40.

LG has launched price cuts on its 2015 OLED TVs, as it rolls out its 2016 models. The EG9600 has been cut to $1,900 from $3,000 on Amazon. Meanwhile, online retailer Adorama is selling the EF9500 for $1,950 (down from $3,000) and EG9100 for $1,300, from $2,000.