LCD Volume to go Down, Area to Go Up

global large panels tableWitsview said that while overall volume of large panels of 7″ or above will decline in 2017 by around 2.4% to 725 million units, the area will grow by 3.8% because of the increasing size of panels being bought. The company said that there may be a shortage of 40″ to 45″ panels because of Samsung’s L7-1 closure. TV panels are expected to drop to 258 units (down 1.1%). Monitor panels are expected to be up around 2.2% on 2016 at 140 million and is likely to be the only large panel segment that will grow. Monitor panel area is expected to grow by 3.6% because of larger sizes.

Notebooks will drop to 154 million, down 5.2% and Witsview said that notebook makers are not widely adopting wide viewing angle technology. Tablet panels are expected to drop by 5.2% to 173 million units.