Lakeside Lightning Announces Plan for 12” OLED Manufacturing Line to Launch the World’s Largest 1.31-inch 2.6k x 2.6k Display

Lakeside Lightning Semiconductor (LLS), an OLED microdisplay manufacturer based in Jiangsu, China, announced its 12” OLED manufacturing plan to commercialize ultra-high-definition and high-brightness silicon-based OLED Microdisplays including the world-leading 1.31-inch 2.6K x 2.6K display in close partnership with the US-based Lightning Silicon Technology, Inc. (Lightning Silicon), a newly announced partial OLED spin-out of Kopin Corporation (Kopin).

LLS manufactured industry-leading 1.31-inch ultra-high-definition, high-brightness silicon-based OLED microdisplays successfully in its current 8” OLED manufacturing facility after spending over 3 years R&D. LLS technical team has successfully developed a stacked OLED device technology that has advantages of higher efficiency and longer life. Combined with Kopin’s advanced silicon backplane chip design with voltage drive, the LLS OLED technology produces microdisplays with ultra-low power consumption and movie-level wide color gamut (90% DCI-P3) level, and thus filled the gap of other manufacturing counterparts.

As early as June 2022 at the Silicon Valley AWE exhibition, LLS’s 1.31-inch microdisplays was highly regarded by leading VR companies in the United States and Japan. The market is in urgent need of large-scale high-yield 12-inch production lines. According to public information, global giants SONY, Samsung and LG have planned to invest in the 12-inch silicon-based production lines for OLED microdisplays, indicating the huge demand of potential market.

The 1.31-inch OLED microdisplay launched at CES 2023 is the only mass-produced, the largest, and the highest resolution product in the world. It can achieve a viewing angle of FOV of 100 degrees or more as well. The next-generation smart VR glasses by the global giants Panasonic are also unveiled at CES. While supplying 2.6k resolution silicon-based micro-display products for Panasonic smart VR glasses, LLS and Lightning Silicon will soon step up to a 4k or higher resolution.

Dr. John C.C. Fan, Chairman of Lightning Silicon, an early pioneer of Micro LED displays and a member of the American Academy of Engineering, commented, “Silicon-based microdisplays is one of the core technologies required for the Metaverse. The technical barriers to mass production of 1.31-inch silicon-based microdisplay is very high and needs state of the art production facilities. LLS has acquired 119 acres land in Yixing Environmental protection technology industrial park of China for 12-inch silicon microdisplay mass production lines for fabricating 1.31-inch ultra-high-definition, high brightness silicon-based OLED microdisplays.”

Mr. Wu Di, Chairman of LLS, a professor of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Institute of Microelectronics (National Level) stated, “Jiangsu Province highly pay attention into the development of strategic emerging industries. Silicon-based Microdisplay is one of the most important industrial development direction in the future. Lakeside Lightning Semiconductor will full focus on build up a 12-inch producing line under low-cost and high-yield to provide global customer silicon-based microdisplays with low cost and excellent performance, so that customers can produce their VR end-user product with better experience.”