Artista M4 – New IIOT Platform for High-Resolution Display Applications with V-by-One

Germany-based Distec, specialists for industrial TFT flat panel displays, embedded products and system solutions, presents the new edition of its smart TFT controller: the Artista M4. With it, it is possible to control high-resolution TFT displays of up to 3840×2160 pixels at 60 Hz. The controller consists of an in-house developed baseboard and the current Raspberry Pi Compute Module CM4 with a 64-bit quad processor and fast LPDDR4 RAM. Compared to its predecessor with CM3+, the Artista M4 thus provides the necessary computing power for 4K applications of all kinds, such as for info terminals, in medical technology or in building management.

Up-to-date interfaces in an affordable package

The Artista M4 directly controls almost any TFT display with V-by-One interface and PCAP touchscreens and offers outstanding performance at an affordable price. In addition to Gigabit Ethernet for fast data transfer to the network, wireless modules can be connected via an M.2 interface. Dual-band WLAN 5, Bluetooth 5.0, and an internal or external antenna are optionally available. A real-time clock with built-in battery is also available.

HDMI-in allows the connection of external sources, such as an X86 PC, so that either the content of the integrated Raspberry Pi or that of the external source can be shown on the connected display. An external monitor can be operated via HDMI-out, in addition to the internally connected display. It is even possible to display different content on both devices. For conference rooms, the audio and camera interface (CSI) can be used for sound and image transmission. With the Artista IO module, which will be available soon, there will be an expansion board that provides CAN and RS232 or RS485 in addition to freely programmable digital inputs and outputs. In combination with CODESYS, for example, simple PLC applications can be implemented.

Diverse software options

Only the appropriate software opens up all the possibilities that the Artista M4 offers for different projects. Raspberry Pi OS is installed by default, so that users can easily integrate their own software. However, Distec also offers other operating systems and software options specially adapted to the Artista M4 to simplify the optimal use of the controller for human-machine interfaces, conference rooms, info monitors in public areas, or the full-screen display of websites.

Distec guarantees a long-term availability of at least six years for the Artista M4. Customised adaptations and system solutions are quickly implemented on a project basis. For the connection of eDP displays, a modified version of the controller will follow. The in-house 4K monitors are gradually being equipped with the new platform.