Koreans Plan CES Launch for Cadmium-Free QD TVs

Cadmium-free quantum dot (QD) TVs will be introduced by Samsung next year, claims the Korea Times. The source quotes an unnamed official at Samsung.

Samsung will apparently receive the QDs from Dow Chemical, which signed a licensing agreement with Nanoco last year (Display Monitor Vol 20 No 4). Dow announced recently that it expects to begin mass production of cadmium-free QDs in January 2015 (Display Monitor Vol 21 No 39).

LG is also said to be working on cadmium-free QD TVs. Nanoco signed a licensing agreement with ‘a major South Korean electronics company’ in March (Display Monitor Vol 21 No 13), commonly thought to refer to the company. The Korea Times says that LG Electronics is working with LG Chemical and – again – Dow Chemical on the products.

Both Samsung and LG plan to release their TVs at CES 2015, according to the source.