Konica Minolta and Pioneer Establish Automotive OLED J/V

Konica Minolta and Pioneer are planning to merge their OLED businesses and they will set up a 50/50 joint venture to make automotive OLEDs under the imaginative name of Konica Minolta Pioneer OLED from May 2017.

The JV will use Konica Minolta’s R2R OLED equipment and will handle both production and maketing of all the OLEDs from the companies, using Pioneer’s experience in automotive electronics sales. The companies said that they are aiming for a mid- long-term target of ¥25 billion yen ($225 million). Initial capital of the company is ¥490 million ($4.5 million)

Konica Minolta uses a light scattering layer and a high refractive index planarization layer in its OLEDs.

Analyst Comment

We reported on what Konica Minolta was doing in this area a while ago. (Konica-Minolta Reaches Record OLED Output) (BR)