JVC Highlights Blu-escent Engine

JVC was showing the latest version of its DLA-VS2500 UltraHD laser phosphor projector and had the light engine, which it calls the Blu-escent engine, in a display case on the booth. The unit uses the D-ILA LCOS technology (3 0.7″ chips) and produces 1,200 lumens for 40,000 hours with 30,000:1 contrast. Unusually, the light output is quoted at a low level as the company told us that the light level is at a constant light output for the full lifetime. As well as the UltraHD version, which uses e-Shift technology, there is a DLA-VS2300 version that supports FullHD. The UltraHD version costs around €22,500. One of the features that the company has found useful in simulation is that the projector produces infrared and so it can be used with night vision goggles with just a passive optical filter.

JVC Blu escent engine