VueReal Launches ColourFusion Microdisplay for AR Applications

VueReal has introduced its ColourFusion microdisplay, an augmented reality (AR) display targeting multiple industries, including consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace, medical, and industrial sectors.

Source: VueReal

The ColourFusion microdisplay leverages VueReal’s microsolid printing platform, integrating full-color MicroLED technology with LCOS (liquid crystal on silicon) systems. This combination aims to provide high resolution, deep grayscale and color depth, high contrast, and energy efficiency through a power-saving algorithm and variable frame rates.

Enhanced ResolutionCombines efficient full-color MicroLED with LCOS technology for enhanced pixel density and sharper visuals.
Superior Image QualityProduces a full spectrum of vibrant colors and high contrast, overcoming challenges of traditional LCOS displays with color breakout and low contrast.
Energy EfficiencyUses low-power mode with adaptive frame rate adjustment, reducing system and display power consumption.
Cost Performance ValueEnables production of premium displays at an affordable price using current technology.
Efficient MicroLED TransferVueReal’s patented process transfers millions of micrometer-sized LEDs with high throughput, scalability, and yield.
Advanced IntegrationIncorporates full-color MicroLED technology, an image quality enhancement algorithm, and LCOS systems.

VueReal will showcase the ColourFusion microdisplay at Display Week 2024