JOLED and LG Collaborate to Deliver Superior Productivity for Creative Professionals

JOLED Inc., an expert and manufacturer of OLED display, and LG Electronics (LG), announced a collaboration aiming to deliver superior productivity for creative industry professionals through LG’s new premium 32-inch monitor LG UltraFineTM Display OLED Pro. This product featuring JOLED’s advanced OLED display will be unveiled by LG at CES® 2021.

In its official announcement, LG said:

With its accurate color reproduction and outstanding HDR and SDR picture quality, LG’s UltraFine Display OLED Pro (model 32EP950) is an ideal solution for creative industry professionals such as visual effects artists and producers working in film or animation studios. The self-emissive OLED display gives the 31.5-inch 4K monitor a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 while independent dimming control of its more than eight million pixels helps eliminate the distracting halo effect common to HDR LCD displays.

According to LG, the UltraFine Display OLED Pro model 32EP950 “provides superb color accuracy, covering 99 percent (typical) of both the DCI-P3 and the Adobe RGB color space.” In addition to UltraFineTM Display OLED Pro, LG will introduce other premium Ultra monitors at the show that deliver superior productivity and entertainment experiences and are perfect for both home and office use. CES® is the most influential tech trade show in the world, the proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators. CES 2021 will be held all-digital from January 11 to 14, 2021.

JOLED manufactures medium-sized high-resolution OLED displays by innovative printing method and strengthens its product lineup to provide unique and special values to the customers. LG and JOLED will work together to realize high quality products that promise to deliver superior use experiences.


JOLED Inc. conducts research, development, manufacturing, and sales activities for OLED displays, their parts, materials, manufacturing equipment, and associated products. JOLED is the only company in the world that commercially produces OLED displays by innovative printing method (as of December 2020, based on JOLED’s research). JOLED was founded in January 2015, combining the OLED display development divisions of Sony Corporation and Panasonic Corporation, with the goal of accelerating mass production development and commercialization of OLED displays. In 2017, JOLED began shipment of its first product, the 22-inch 4K OLED display.

About printed OLED displays

OLED is a self-illuminating device that delivers superb picture quality with high contrast, high color reproducibility, and fast response rate. It also combines advantages such as an ultra-thin profile, light weight, and flexibility. Owing to these characteristics, OLED is gaining attention as a next-generation display that will create new applications in a wide range of fields.

The printing method, which is one of the production methods for OLED display, applies and forms OLED materials by printing. With its simple production processes and the flexibility to cope with diverse screen sizes, the technology is expected to represent a major innovation in OLED display production. JOLED specializes in research and development of the printing method and was the first to achieve practical use ahead of other companies in 2017.