JDI Develops Two New Mirror Display Products for Home and Retail

Japan Display has announced a development project that has developed an IoT mirror that can change to a full-size or partial-size display , controlling applications by voice command. The mirror provides room to display the date, time or weather, amongst other things. The company expects the device may be used not only at home but also as a sales promotion tool in retail stores.

It is also possible to switch the device between mirror and display functions, showing applications such as a calendar or scheduler, while an integrated camera enables the user to check their appearance from the front, side or any angle. Photos can be retained on the display for a few seconds after capture or sent to a smartphone.

In collaboration with Kamiya Corporation, the company also announced a version of the product that can function as a door, called Full Height Milaos. This product differs from the standard mirror in that it is installed on one side of a full-sized door, with its outward-facing side covered in leather. JDI says it will continue to develop these products by integrating connectivity with other IoT devices and AI technology. The door weighs 100kg!

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