Jawbone On the Way Out, Intel Fires to Wearables Group

Fitness devioe maker, Jawbone has started to liquidate its assets following a period of poor sales and financial difficulty. When asked about this, the company has replied “No comment”, although its website was still in operation as we published. Some of its employees are reported to be planning a comeback with a new company name, Jawbone Health Hub.

Many of the smaller companies operating in the wearables sector are struggling with poor performance and lacklustre sales figures.

Intel is also shifting its focus following poor results from its wearable product line, though the company doesn’t intend to cease production despite firing 80% of the staff involved in the segment according to CNBC.

Analyst Comment

As reported a few months ago, there are still plenty of small and innovative companies trying their luck in the wearable space. However, it looks increasingly difficult to attack the space which is dominated by Fitbit and Apple, with other actors including Garmin, Xiaomi and Samsung. The impact on display makers is not significant as these devices, which are increasingly about health and fitness monitoring, rarely have much of a display, except the smartwatches. (BR)