Japan On Track for 50% of Homes to Have 4K TV by 2020

According to Broadband TV News, Japan is likely to meet its target of UHD TV subscriptions by 2020, according to Suga Masayuki, the deputy director of Japan’s ministry of internal affairs and communications. Japan set a target to complete the necessary steps to deliver UHD TV broadcasting for the Olympic Games, with a target of 50% of homes in Japan being able to watch 4K broadcasts by that year, and 100% by 2025.

Masayuk said that 19 channels operated by 11 organisations were granted 4K and 8K full satellite licences in January this year, and that that private and public organisations were working together to further 4K and 8K. Masayuki also said that full broadcasting via satellite is scheduled to start in December 2018, and that the government needed to collaborate with retailers and manufacturers to get the message about 4K and 8K migration across to consumers.