V-Nova Shows the True Power of Software Codecs with Next Generation V-Nova PERSEUS™ Video Compression

V Nova

V-Nova Ltd., a leading provider of video compression solutions, today announced the launch of the next generation V-Nova PERSEUS™, a video processing technology that addresses today’s video delivery challenges, closing the gap between consumer expectations for video services and networks capacity constraints. V-Nova PERSEUS™ 2 will have its global debut at the NAB Show in Las Vegas (April 22-27, 2017, V-Nova Suite at Encore Las Vegas).

Two years after the launch of the first generation, V-Nova PERSEUS 2 expands the codec’s capability to enhance performance, simplify deployment into real-world environments and reduce operating costs through improved efficiency.

V-Nova PERSEUS 2 adds further quality improvements around the key operating points that really matter to service providers, operators and consumers. V-Nova PERSEUS 2 addresses the real bottlenecks of IP video delivery, allowing for better viewing experiences across all data networks.

The software solution allowed V-Nova to quickly respond to real customer feedback, optimise and maximise performance at the operating points that are key for service delivery, including:

  • 100 kbps, the minimum necessary to deliver mobile video to all consumers
  • 300 kbps, for reliable, enjoyable HD mobile video experiences
  • 1 Mbps, for monetisable full HD mobile video
  • 2 Mbps, for HD IPTV programming for all xDSL users
  • 6 Mbps, for UHD movie streaming at scale
  • 10 Mbps, for scalable DTH/Cable UHD sports services.

V-Nova PERSEUS 2 software libraries have also been streamlined to deliver a lighter and faster codec that reduces computational load. V-Nova PERSEUS 2 significantly increases per-channel density leading to drastically reduced operating costs, both for on-premise and cloud deployments. Coupled with the Content Delivery Networks (CDN) savings associated with bandwidth and profile reduction, V-Nova PERSEUS 2 is the most cost effective solution for next-generation service deployment today.

Guido Meardi, V-Nova CEO and Co-Founder said: “We worked hard over the past two years, listening to customers’ feedback to develop V-Nova PERSEUS 2. With it, we are addressing the real needs of the industry and enabling our customers to deliver high quality video across all networks. As a pure software solution, V-Nova PERSEUS 2 provides unprecedented CAPEX savings, server farm space reduction, more effective deployment in the cloud and overall simplification of service delivery, which is often the material difference in formulating a successful business case for the launch of a new greenfield OTT or IPTV service, or in upgrading an existing service.”

The new version of V-Nova PERSEUS has been designed to provide enhanced platform support, which enables operators to quickly benefit from the core efficiencies of the encoding solution. This is particularly valuable for new broadcasters offering video-hungry services such as social media applications. Decoding will benefit from support within the HTML5 environment and even lighter software decoding processing power requirements. Encoding is also more accessible, having been built by customers into FFMPEG-based workflows and cloud-ready deployments. In addition, V-Nova PERSEUS 2 extends support of H.264 environments to also cover HEVC and VP9 base layers, while maintaining full compatibility with the rest of the delivery workflows, such as DRMs, streaming protocols like HLS and DASH, ad-insertion and other processes.

A number of partners are already taking advantage of V-Nova PERSEUS in real world deployments and will benefit from the increased capability offered by the new version.

Using V-Nova PERSEUS to enable mobile video at unprecedented low bitrates for bandwidth constricted consumers, Karam Malhotra, CEO ofFastFilmz, said: “Through V-Nova PERSEUS, we were able to launch fastfilmz and address an untapped market that was waiting to be unlocked. The next generation will allow us to go one step further in bringing even better quality video to the masses, which to us means 100 kbps services on the 2G/EDGE networks that are still in use today.”

Trialling V-Nova PERSEUS to enable multiple UHD channels to fit on one satellite transponder for commercially viable UHD services, Teerayuth Boonchote, CTO at Thaicom, said: “Premium sports remains the most valuable asset for operators worldwide. Yet, very few have been able to offer Ultra HD live sports at practical bitrates, while fans’ demand for it rises. Working with V-Nova enables us to deliver UHD feeds at low bitrates without compromising on quality of experience or latency, making UHD a reality for subscribers to any of our customers.”

V-Nova PERSEUS 2 will be made available to its wider ecosystem of technology partners.

“Nokia is an undisputed leader in end-to-end systems integration of next generation TV solutions, able to deploy best of breed solutions for our customers. After experiencing first-hand the impact of V-Nova PERSEUS on customers’ IP video delivery business models, we are looking forward to the additional advantages that come with the codec’s next generation,” said Pav Kudlac VP, IP Video Systems Integration New Business Development, Video Business Unit, Nokia.

“Customers today want rapid solutions to suit their needs, removing the complexity of video delivery while maximising revenue opportunities. The combination of best-in-class technologies with Imagine Communications’ flexible platforms enables our customers to deploy premium services faster and more cost-effectively than ever,” says Tony Huang, Global Director PLM Compression, Imagine Communications.