Jaguar Land Rover Shows More Ideas for Automotive HUD

In recent months we have heard a lot about the new head up display (HUD) and 3D instrument cluster being developed by Jaguar Land Rover and that it is based on holographic projection. Now Jaguar is showing off a new HUD idea which the company calls “360 Urban Wind Screen”.

This concept includes features that Jaguar calls transparent pillars and ghost car navigation. It would make sense that it is using the same holographic projection technology from Two Trees Photonics, but the company does not directly say this in its press release, mentioning only a future HUD display technology.

The concept is shown in this video

As can be seen, the transparent pillar concept allows the driver to look “through the pillars” of the car driven by using outside cameras, eliminating, conceptually, all blind spots. Certain projections are only triggered when the driver looks in that direction.

The navigation concept seems to come directly out of a video game, as the HUD creates a ghost vehicle by projecting a ghost car in front of the car that has to be followed.

Display Daily Comment

Jaguar Land Rover is strongly developing the future car and driver interface based on new and exciting displays technologies. It is not only about how to create pixels but also how to use them. (NH)