Jackson Updates on Sharp Plans for ISE

Invidis has interviewed Birgit Jackson of Sharp Visual Solutions (Sharp Creates Commercial Director Role) who said that she would like to broaden the portfolio of products offered by the company in the LFD space. She told the company that at ISE there will be a new PNQ series in 60″, 70″ and 80″ and that there would also be smart displays with Android support. There will be a 40″ and a 50″ display with 350 cd/m² and 450 cd/m² , respectively, from the PN-B and PN-M series. There will be new developments in Mini OPS (still with support only from Sharp, I think – Man. Ed.)

The Big Pad will also be updated and after the 70″ PN-70TH5 becomes available in January, an 80″ set will be shown in Amsterdam. The company will continue to promote the “Pen on Paper” stylus touch concept.

Sharp in Japan is supplying discrete LED displays, and an evaluation of the market opportunity is continuing in Europe, she said. It’s no surprise that Sharp does not see OLED as important in the professional space.

Analyst Comment

We hear that Sharp is running an event in January that is a follow on from the one held in Malta (Sharp Explains its Reorganisation and Restructuring in Europe). The timing is strange, just ahead of ISE, but the Malta event was dominated by the copier and POS businesses, so that group probably set the timing for this event. (BR)